Climate Report: U.K. Could Soon Look Like Spain

British summers could soon be like those in the drought-ridden Mediterranean, and the winters characterized by severe flooding, according to a new report on climate change.

U.K. Climate Impacts Report predicts extremes of temperature will hit the U.K. if global temperatures continue to rise.

The report is the Met Office's most comprehensive assessment yet of what might happen by the middle to end of the century.

"Certainly we would expect much warmer wetter winters to be part of the story and also a risk of drier summers," James Murphy, the head of climate predictions at the Met Office, told Sky News Online:

The Met Office climate experts used their software to run 400 different computer models.

They wanted to understand the range of future climate changes the U.K. might have to deal with over the next 100 years.

The Met Office came up with three scenarios - low, medium and high - depending on how much carbon we emit over the next century.

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