Clean Up Evidence?

Dear Viewers,

The response to the segments we do on Scott Peterson (search) is tremendous. I suppose as the trial winds down, we all want to know what will happen in the end. Usually I have some suspicion — but in this trial I have none.

I can imagine the jury sitting there every day thinking, "he is SO guilty, let's vote now" and I can also imagine the jury sitting there thinking, "where IS the evidence of anything but cheating?"

I have sat in the courtroom trying to read their faces as evidence is introduced but as I always note, that is nothing but lawyer voodoo. It is impossible to know what the jury is thinking —- and more impossible to determine what they think collectively (which is what a jury verdict is.)

As time marches on, the trial can seem more "clinical" to us observing. But of course the trial is anything but clinical for the two grieving families — and both families are grief stricken.  Although Amber will soon be off the witness stand (3 more days???), there is still some evidence to come from the DA.

The defense, I am told, has some "clean up" evidence — meaning evidence to explain certain parts of the DA's case. For instance, in the tapes Scott keeps saying to Amber "I can't tell you" about Laci's disappearance. "Clean up" evidence (and this is a hypothetical at this point) would be that Scott was told by his lawyer right after Laci disappeared not to discuss the case and the defense would want that explanation known by the jury.

Whether the jury buys that as an explanation or not I can't tell you. (And yes, he did have a lawyer early on since it was obvious when the police executed a search warrant on his house on December 26 that he was the target of their suspicion.)

After the show Ted Williams and I answered some of your e-mailed questions (see the video stream.)

Here are some viewer e-mails - (and, as always, the e-mails are randomly chosen)

E-mail No. 1
I watch your show nightly and very much enjoy it.
Has you ever thought about the possibility that Laci's baby was not Scott's? That thought came to mind last night while watching your show and Scott's denial regarding Connor, their baby.
Just a thought,
S. Houston

ANSWER: That thought has crossed my mind based on the tapes but no one has suggested that the baby is not his. I assume the DA did testing on Connor and that we will learn the answer.

E-mail No. 2
Hi Greta,
Even though I think Scott is GUILTY, I didn't think he was accusing Amber of being involved. It sounded lilke he really was saying that he didn't think she would be impacted (or "involved") by the whole deal by her relationship to him.
On the other hand, I can't believe the whole big deal about his not every admitting to her his involvement over the hours of phone calls as if that indicates his innocence? PLEASE!!! He was lying about everything else; why would he suddenly tell her the truth about something that would send him to the electric chair? (And to my ear, he sounded guiltier than ever when he said in his sad little acting voice "I'm not that evil." Give me a break!!
Am I crazy or how did your trained attorney ear hear those two things?
Copia W.
Spring, Texas

E-mail No. 3
Are people actually paying attention to these things that Scott is trying to say to Amber insinuating that the baby might not be his, or that Amber has something to do with her dissapperance?? Come on! This guy is the biggest liar and is damn good at it! This is just his way of trying to throw Amber and anyone else who might be listening off. He is grasping at straws! His gab is his only hope!! And he hired the attorney with the same gift! IF this guy gets off, anyone can!!! Love you show.

Annette-Sherman, Tx.

E-mail No. 4

I figure that if anyone knows the answer to this you would —
I have never heard the question asked and answered as to whether it is established through DNA tests that the baby that Lacy was carrying was fathered by Scott. Wouldn't this explain a lot about the vague answers from Scott to Amber such as the things "he can't talk about" or Scott referring to Lacy's baby as "the baby" or "Lacy's baby" rather than "his baby".
Maybe DNA tests have confirmed Scott as father and I have just missed it but I have never even heard it discussed. This would certainly explain a lot and establish motive (in addition to Amber relationship) if the baby was not his. Is Scott the father for sure??
David M.
Raleigh, NC

ANSWER: David, see my answer to E-mail No. 1 above. I have no idea if Scott is Connor's father. I have assumed since day No. 1 he is, but I admit that Scott is "vague" about that issue on the tapes.

E-mail No. 5


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