Classes Ease Trip From War to Peace

Going from a world of war to one of peace creates a psychological challenge for every soldier.

But adjust they must, often in a matter of days, from war to peace and from one country and culture to another.

Such extreme life transitions are the basis for Ft. Hood’s Iron Horse University (search), which offers reintegration classes that every returning veteran must attend.

Courses at the Army base include “Stress: On and Off the Battlefield,” “Anger Management,” and “Conflict Resolution.”

The idea for Iron Horse came about after the war on terror in Afghanistan (search), when soldiers who came back home found they experienced a major dose of culture shock.

On top of that, three high-profile cases of domestic violence at Ft. Bragg (search) underscored the difficulties of readjusting, when a trio of soldiers who had just returned killed their wives and two committed suicide.

The courses can also indirectly help soldiers’ spouses, who have their own adjustments to make during a husband's or wife's homecoming.

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