Political pundits may still have been focusing Tuesday over Monday's Iowa caucuses, but the candidates have already moved on, having taken down their political organizations in Iowa and moved them to New Hampshire for that state's primary in one week's time.

While most of the candidates had focused on Iowa, Wesley Clark and Joe Lieberman skipped the first-in-the-nation caucuses and focused on the first-in-the-nation primary instead.

The calculated political bet has so far paid off for Clark, who is now in second place in the Granite State and is well within striking distance of front-runner Howard Dean. Dean did have a double-digit lead in New Hampshire, polls now show this is very much a race to the finish.

For Lieberman, bypassing Iowa has yet to pay off. He remains in single digits, though he is still upbeat.

"What I hear in Iowa confirms what I hear today, the primary is wide open, and it could be anyone's race," he said, referring to the late polling numbers that showed a four-man tie in the final days running up to the caucuses.

So far, Clark has escaped sharp attacks, but with his rise in the polls, 15 percent of New Hampshire voters still undecided and the rest of the field now turning its attention to New Hampshire, the retired general is now likely to become a prime target. His campaign says it is prepared to endure the assault.

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