So last night, I was watching the Emmys with my ferrets, Oprah and Benito, and couldn't help but be shocked.

No, not that Ruth Buzzi is still hot or Tommy Smothers is senile, but that Alec Baldwin didn't say anything about politics. Maybe he finally realized that every time he rails against Republicans, Obama loses 10,000 more votes.

But there's one actor who didn't mind sharing. After winning for her role in HBO's "John Adams," the permanently squinty-faced Laura Linney — who always looks like she's clenching against the runs — said the miniseries was a tribute to "the great community organizers that helped form our country."

Linney was referring, of course, to Republicans making light of Obama's first job. Her point, I suppose, is this: Our Founding Fathers were really just community organizers.


So, eight years of brutal, bloody warfare against what was then the most powerful empire on earth is the same as organizing a cupcake sale to fix potholes.

Maybe it shouldn't be surprising that the same people who equate Christian fundamentalists with Islamic extremists can't tell the difference between founding the greatest nation on earth and heading up a needle exchange.

But hey, whatever your politics, the real joke is thinking that making political statements during an award show is speaking truth to power. Linney wasn't talking to anyone but her peers who already agree with her dumb thoughts and Tommy Smothers, who clearly stopped dressing himself back around 1979.

And if you disagree with her, you're worse than Hitler.

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