Chris Morris' Comedy of Terrors

So Chris Morris is this brilliant British comedian responsible for some insanely funny programs like "Brass Eye" and "The Day Today." But now he's coming out with a new film, called "Four Lions," a comedy about suicide bombers.

Check out the trailer, here.

Now, I haven't seen the flick, but I did read a interview with Morris in The London Times about the comedy and a few things bugged me. As far as I can tell, his movie is based on the premise that nearly all terrorists are buffoons and from there he attempts to "humanize" these "Keystone Kops."

Morris is probably right that most terrorists are useless tools, but he overlooks the fact that buffoons need only succeed once to kill dozens, hundreds or thousands. It comes down to this: Is a homicidal mentally challenged person any less dangerous than one with a Ph.D.? I suppose it depends where you're standing when the blast goes off.

Odder still, Morris seems concerned less with offending victims of terror than Islamic extremists. In the interview, he makes it clear that there's no intent to "mock" Islam. But this worry directly undermines his whole premise: If these bozo bombers are so incompetent, why would you worry about offense?

I'm thinking that Theo Van Gogh, the Dutch director murdered by an offended Islamic extremist, must lurk in Morris' brain. But Morris must know: Van Gogh took actual risks. He condemned religious extremism. I haven't seen "Four Lions," but judging from the interview, it doesn't sound like Morris did the same. So he's safe, which is the last thing I'd think Chris Morris would want to be.

And if you disagree with me, you're probably a racist homophobe who eats unicorns.

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