Chocolatier Creates Candy to Stimulate Male Sex Drive

Just in time for Valentine's Day a New Zealand chocolatier says she created a new candy that acts as a male aphrodisiac, the Australian Associated Press reported.

Former food scientist and owner of Mamor Chocolates, Hanna Frederick, has made headlines for her crazy candy concoctions including beer-flavored and deer antler chocolate.

Now, the Auckland, Australia businesswoman is hoping to capitalize on Valentine's Day with her Tongkat Ali-infused chocolates.

Tongkat Ali is an herb that comes from a tree found in Southeast Asia. It is believed to stimulate testosterone production in men, giving a boost to the sex drive. It has been nicknamed the "Asian Viagra," but, like most herbal remedies, there are very few scientific studies backing its benefits.

The chocolates, which can be ordered online, deliver a "small but noticeable" aphrodisiac effect, Frederick claims.

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