Chicago, Chicago!

Dear Viewers,

Our trip to Chicago was whirlwind -- short -- but nonetheless fun. The Chicago bureau made us feel at home and did much to accommodate our show.

Here are some behind the scenes (and not so behind the scenes) pictures:

Click here for my Chicago photo essay

Photo No. 1: First, Chicago has a huge Irish American population. Since it is St. Patrick's Day, I thought you should see a picture of the river that winds through Chicago. It was deliberately dyed green for the weekend St. Patrick's Day celebrations.

This picture of the river was taken from the window in the FNC Chicago bureau. I think our Chicago bureau may have the best view -- although the U.S. Capitol can be seen from the D.C. bureau and the Capitol is gorgeous. And yes, I am Irish (my mother was 100 percent) so I love what they did to the river to celebrate.

Photo No. 2 is a shot of the Chicago newsroom after hours.

Photo No. 3 is a picture from the Chicago studio of the Chicago River. The photo doesn't show the brilliant green color that you can see in photo No. 1.

Photos No. 4 and 5 are picture of our makeup artist from D.C. in the Chicago makeup room which also doubles as an office. You can see all the videotapes in the lower left side of the picture proving this is a dual purpose room.

Photo No. 6: This is probably the MOST behind the scenes photo you will see from a cable news network. This scene -- a desk built upon boxes -- is not unusual. We had sets like that at my former network. It shows how much we have to improvise in my business. The Chicago bureau does not have shows daily originating from there, so they must scramble to accommodate all our needs when we "drop in." I like a desk because I have so many papers -- I take lots of notes for the show and like to have them at my fingertips during breaks.

Photo No. 7 is a picture of the Chicago bureau chief. He is a brand new father and very happy to be one.

Photo No. 8 is a picture of my stage manager in Chicago. Like the bureau chief, he is a proud father and showed me the pictures he carries of his two sons.


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