Check Out Greta's Pod Cast

Podcasting, coined by joining the word "broadcasting" with the Apple iPod digital music player, is making audio files available online in a way that allows special software to automatically download the files for listening at the user's convenience.

While podcasting was named for the iPod, you do not have to have an iPod to listen to a podcast – any similar device will do. Or you can use your computer directly. There are many podcasts available at no cost to the user.

To enjoy GretaCast (or any podcast), you will need to download this special software, called a podcasting aggregator, to listen to it. After installation, use the link below to add the GretaCast to customize the reception of your personalized podcast station.

Download Podcast Software

• iPodder ( - Mac and Linux also
• Doppler (

• ipodderX (

To Use

Copy the URL below and paste it into your podcasting application.

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