Changes, Changes

Tuesday's show was wild, as we continue to change our look and utilize our huge studio.

As you know, we now open the hours on stools, give headlines at the bottom of each hour, use our old studio for our musical acts, and send Steve outside whenever we need weather. We all now host in cross trainers for the extra foot and arch support!

As you know we have welcomed Gretchen Carlson on the show, as E.D. has moved upwards and onwards! She now hosts "FOX News Live" from 10 a.m. to noon ET. As a viewer, I can tell E.D. has been doing great and as a co-host it's a thrill to be working with Gretchen. Steve and I never really got along, so nothing changes (only kidding Cablenewser).

I truly enjoyed having Gary Player on today's show — too bad we could not get the driving net together because he was about to put on a show. Instead, Gary displayed his remarkable fitness by matching me pushup for pushup on live TV. OK, he displayed his superior fitness at 71 on live TV! His goal is to affect the lives of America's obese kids before it's too late. Meet Mr. Player once and you just know it's possible.

We had an interesting debate on voting with a congresswomen who said lower class Americans are too poor to have proper ID, therefore they are being barred from voting. But mostly we talked about former President Bill Clinton and Usama bin Laden. The former president opened up a huge story by defending his record and leaders of both parties are fighting to weigh in on what he did and didn't do to kill our No. 1 enemy.

On Wednesday, we have many newsmakers and also hoopsters Tracy McGrady and Tony Parker. Don't miss the show as the Judge sits in for me on "FOX & Friends First." By the way, don't forget to vote on your finest "Friends" moments over the last 10 years and be sure to pre-order Doocy's first book, "Mr. and Mrs. Happy." I just got the galleys and it's great!


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