Chance Meeting, Shocking News

So I arrive very late at the airport here in Salt Lake City last night and I end up bumping into an old friend. He's here on business. We quickly catch up. I ask him about his wife, remembering they had just bought some ski place near here last year or so.

"Oh, we're divorced," he said.

I couldn't believe it. I mean, I was shocked.

If ever there were a picture perfect couple, these guys were it: always holding hands, always doing stuff together, great kids — the whole works. And now they've gone their separate ways.

When I asked what happened, he just said, "Things." But he assured me, there was no other woman for him, no other guy for her. And now, no each other for either.

It just made me very sad.

I remembered when they got married, started having kids. Enjoying themselves, enjoying each other. Enjoying life. No hint of what went wrong, just that it went bad. I'm told more than half of marriages end up my buddy's way. People grow apart, or lose interest. I guess what surprised me with my friend is it happened so fast.

I'm not here to judge. Both my friend and his former wife were and are wonderful people.

Wonderful people apart now. Wonderful kids without a mom and dad together now.

A small non-descript incident on a non-descript night in a non-descript airport that just made me think.

My friend had business to tend to. And on this day, I sadly thought to myself, no one afterwards to come home to.

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