Chairman's Charge

And now the most riveting two minutes in television, the latest from the political grapevine:

Chairman's Charge

In a speech tonight in Reno, Nevada, RNC Chairman Ed Gillespie (search) condemns attempts by some to smear President Bush, saying -- "Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but ... not ... to their own facts." Gillespie specifically refers to musician Moby -- who has endorsed John Kerry (search) and who has suggested that Democrats spread rumors about President Bush on Republican Web sites, even if they're knowingly not true.

This, Moby tells the New York Daily News, could keep Bush's far-right supporters home on election day, adding -- "It's a lot easier than you think and it doesn't cost that much. This election can be won by 200,000 votes." Kerry's campaign denies having any part in it, but says -- "When it comes to dirty tricks the Republic[an] party wrote the book."

Let States Legislate?

Speaking of Kerry, he says he has -- "the same position that Vice President Dick Cheney has" on gay marriages -- which is to let states determine their legality.

But in 1996, Kerry voted against the Defense of Marriage Act, which gives states the right to decide whether to legally recognize same-sex relationships within their borders and defines marriage as between a man and a woman for federal purposes only.

One of just 14 senators to vote against the legislation, Kerry said at the time -- "If this were truly a Defense of Marriage Act, it would expand learning experiences for future husbands and wives, ... guarantee day care and expand protection against abused children."

Good  Time in Cuba?

Remember that teenage Guantanamo Bay detainee we told you about Monday, Muhammed Ismail Agha, who -- despite assertions from Human Rights Watch that detainees were being mistreated -- said he -- "[had] a good time in Cuba?"

Well, Human Rights Watch specifically complained that the U.S. violated special international protections by throwing Agha, and two other teenage boys, in with adult prisoners. But, according to today's Washington Post, the boys were actually confined to a house near the ocean and never even saw adult prisoners.

Harmless Heckling or Deeply Disrespectful?

And from the wonderful world of international sports ... the United States men's soccer team will -- for the first time since 1980 -- miss the summer Olympics, as a result of losing to Mexico in a qualifying round Tuesday night in Guadalajara. As the U.S. team walked off the field, some in the crowd started cheering -- "Usama!... Usama!... Usama!"

FOX News' Michael Levine contributed to this report