Celine Dion Remembers Her Idol, Michael Jackson

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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: International star Celine Dion grew up with posters of Michael Jackson on her wall and later in her life ended up meeting the king of pop. Celine joins us by phone.

Good evening, Celine.


VAN SUSTEREN: Celine, no one knows better, I think, then you how tough it is to do 50 concerts. You did more than 700, maybe 750 in Vegas. Can you give us some idea of the physical stamina, because there's a lot of thought about, you know, how hard it was physically for Michael Jackson?

DION: Yes. First of all, I have been, like most people, an amazing fan of Michael. And since I was a very little girl, he has been on my wall and he has been an idol for me. He has been an inspiration.

I have had the privilege over the years to have met Michael. And like I said before, I have an autograph from him, which is becoming, it has always been very precious, but it has a totally different meaning right now.

But, anyway, I was very proud. Growing up in show business, I always wanted the same life as him. Being in show business and singing all my life, even the same record company as him.

And I have been doing this business for many, many years, and I have to say that the pressure is tremendous. You endure stress. I mean, in every business that you do, the work that you do imposes stress. Stress is part of everybody's life.

But when you are in show business, be your own record, the ones make it better all the time, you want to please her friends, you want to surpass yourself. The stress is tremendous.

And as I'm concerned, I am trying through the years to do what I love. I love to sing very much. I work hard. But I am trying not to be part of my life -- what I am saying about it is I am trying not to live the show business life.

I do my job. When the curtain falls down, I'm trying to go home and not live with the stress.

And I think what has been helping me a lot is in life, you have to find balance. It is not always easy in anything to find balance, but when you live the adrenaline of show business, and you perform night after night to try to surpass yourself and please your fans and please yourself, you really have to have the balance.

And balance is to have family, to have marriage, to have children, to find balance someplace else.

And I think what has been saving me, because the stress has been part of my life, and I have been working really hard, that I have a child, I have 13 brothers and sisters, I have a wonderful husband. I have a life beyond show business.

And this is what has been helping me, because even though I do a lot of shows -- and I met Michael. Michael came to see my show in Las Vegas, and he had a lot of questions for me. He wanted to know how it was to perform night after night in Las Vegas, how was it for the boys, how was it for the stress, how was it for living there.

And I was very surprised, because I had questions for him, I am a big fan.

But, obviously, when working hard in show business, the adrenaline is like a drug, you want to give more, he wants to do more. It's a fantastic live, but you have to have a balance. And I find balance and health through my family and friends, because it's very important to me. You know sometimes you are going to get sick, and you need medicine, and you go on, and you want to do is show, and you wonder if you are going to be able to go on --am I going to be able to sing? Am I going to be able to dance? Am I going to be able to go on?

And then you have your friends, and you have your family, and you have your own doctors, and you count on them. And it has always been and it will always be very important to me that the people surrounding me will always protect me for not the singer that I am-but for the person that I am for them, the friend, the wife, the mother that I am, the sister that I am, the daughter that I am.

I don't want them to say yes to what I say. I want them to protect me because they love me very much as much as I love them.

So if I go through a lot of stress, and I need help, if I think I need a lot of medicine because I suffer, or if I need a lot of medicine because I can't go on, they have to make sure that I am staying healthy, that I am staying grounded.

And it's very easy to lose it. So family becomes extremely important.

And you have to be responsible for your acts. And sometimes you may need help. But it is a very tricky, very difficult, stressful situation.

VAN SUSTEREN: And I should add as I have talked to your husband Rene, and he is extraordinarily supportive of you, and how important -- just, it reinforces everything that he has told me. That is part of one of the reasons why you are a bit superstar, Celine, is because that have kept this well grounded.

And we wish you all the more success, and please tell Rene I said hello, as well. Thanks, Celine.

DION: Thank you so very much,

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