Celebrating a Life Devoted to Fighting Evil

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is dead, so is Frank Lanza. You know all you want to know about Zarqawi, but it's a pity you don't know more about Frank.

Because maybe indirectly, maybe quite directly what Frank did in the past had a lot to do with making Zarqawi a permanent part of the past.

Frank ran a company called L-3 Communications, big in high-tech defense stuff, the kind of stuff, the kind of equipment that tracks down bad guys, and maybe for all I know, this Zarqawi guy.

Frank was a frequent guest on this program. He knew well what was at stake in Iraq, talked a lot about the sacrifice we were making in Iraq, never mentioned that close to 200 of his own L-3 and subsidiary workers lost their lives in Iraq.

He had a stake in the game, but for Frank it was never a game. It was, as he one time told me, the defining battle of this generation, of all generations.

It's a pity Frank isn't around to see the fruits of his labor and how his technology and unwavering support brought down evil.

Maybe he'd like to remind Zarqawi himself. But something tells me Zarqawi's in one place now. And Frank, quite deservedly, is in another.

Frank Lanza dead at age 74.

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