Caylee's Grandfather: Missing Tot's 'Kidnapper' Under Surveillance

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In the latest twist in an increasingly bizarre case, the grandfather of a missing Orlando toddler made the remarkable claim that the little girl's "kidnapper" is currently under surveillance.

George Anthony, whose 3-year-old granddaughter Caylee Marie Anthony disappeared almost two months ago, told reporters Wednesday that he believes the child was snatched and the person who took her is being watched.

The former high-ranking police officer, whose 22-year-old daughter Casey Marie Anthony remains behind bars in Caylee's disappearance, made the shocking claims as Orange County detectives said the child might have died accidentally on or around June 16.

Orange County detectives told FOX News on Wednesday that they are looking at several theories as to what may have befallen the little girl, among them the accidental death hypothesis.

But they cautioned that they were not excluding any explanations as to what may have happened to the child, who has not been seen in almost two months.

"Right now, we can't say that's exactly what happened," Orange County Deputy Sheriff Carlos Padilla told FOX News on Wednesday. "We're looking at all the possibilities, not just that theory."

Padilla also said that new charges against Casey Anthony were possible, since family members and friends have accused her of theft and credit card fraud.

Reports have surfaced that a friend said Anthony stole $700, and relatives allege she committed credit card fraud in her parents' names.

Additional charges could be filed "should victims of that want to press charges," Padilla told FOX. "I'm not sure they want to. I know that one friend — I don't know if she's decided to press charges or if she's still avoiding ... that."

And detectives were zeroing in on Anthony's cell phone records, particularly during a three-day period when they believe Caylee disappeared.

Orange County police were meeting with reporters Wednesday to clear up confusion in the case, they said.

A day earlier Anthony's brother and Caylee's uncle, Lee Anthony, canceled another jail visit after a judge denied her lawyer's latest request to lower her $500,000 bond.

The family has been calling off planned jail visits with Anthony because the conversations are recorded. Orange County police in recent weeks have released a string of taped talks among family members.

Anthony remains a person of interest in Caylee's disappearance. She has not been named a suspect but has been charged with child neglect and lying to police.

News emerged earlier this week that a team of psychic detectives is assisting investigators in their search for Caylee.

The results of DNA tests the FBI is conducting on the trunk of Anthony's car, items from her closet and other evidence still have not been released.

Anthony, her family and her lawyer have publicly maintained her innocence. She claims she left her daughter with a baby sitter and hasn't seen her since.

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