Caution: Terror Ahead

Caution, terror up ahead: that is the subject of this evening's "Talking Points Memo."

An American citizen named Jeffrey Ache (search), who is working in a Baghdad treatment water plant, has been kidnapped by terrorists. Of course, the terrorist network Al Jazeera (search) couldn't get the pictures on the air fast enough. We'll show you just a still because airing the video plays into the hands of these barbarian.

Now Mr. Ache is from Indiana and was helping the Iraqi people. We are extremely sorry for him and his family. This incident should wake us all up. These terrorists aren't going away. We may have beaten them down in Iraq and broken up a bunch of Al Qaeda (search) cells, but these people all have to be killed. Let me say that again. These people have to be killed.

Now last night, I interviewed Colonel David Hunt, whose new book "They Just Don't Get It," blasts the federal government for not being aggressive enough in fighting the Islamic killers.

I have some disagreements with the colonel, who is a raging bull on this, but I do believe he is right in saying that politics are putting all of us in danger. Most Americans understand the danger Al Qaeda poses, but we are easily distracted. It's spring. The weather's better. People are outside. We quickly forget we're at war.

And the far left media remains an intimidating presence. The reason the Bush administration doesn't secure the southern border, for example, is twofold. It believes the economy will be hurt and it fears being called anti-Hispanic by the left-wing press.

But you can't win a war by being fearful. You have to be bold. There's no question that any mistake made by the USA will be page one on "The New York Times." And any tough measure will be called abuse. But in war, the commanders have to say tough, we'll take the heat.

So read Colonel Hunt's book, stay aware, and let the media and the politicians know you want these terrorists wiped out. And one more thing, say a prayer for our countrymen, Jeffrey Ache.

And that's "The Memo."

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Time now for "Most Ridiculous Item of the Day"...

The results of our poll: In light of the fact that Congressman Tom DeLay has paid his wife and daughter about half a million dollars since 2001, we asked you, "Is it wrong for Tom DeLay to pay his wife and daughter with politically donated funds?" Yes or no.

Sixty percent say yes, it is wrong. Forty percent believe it's OK. So the next time you hear some loon say “The Factor” is just watched by conservatives, you can cite that poll. We are watched by independent minded people here.

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