Caught in Charlotte's Web

People ask me all the time, who are your favorite interviews?

There are many. But oddly one of my favorites has nothing to do with business at all.

Not a corporate suit.  Not a CEO.  Not a man.  But a remarkable girl, teenager more to the point now, named Charlotte Church.

I have to be honest, never in my life have I heard a voice as beautiful as that young lady's.  Singing classical music, no less.

When I first chatted with her, she was only 12-years-old. Her mega hit Voice of an Angel album had just been released.  She was just then becoming a superstar.  But you wouldn't know it. She giggled. She laughed. She kidded. She reminded me a lot of my own daughter.

And as I see young Charlotte Church continue to grow, I hope and pray some of this icon's good, common sense, rubs off on other daughters like mine.

There's a wonderful profile of Church written by Ruth Bashinsky in today's New York Daily News.  In it, Charlotte talks of a very different career path she has set: one built more on her music than her looks.

No Brittany Spears or Christina Aguilera models for her!

"I'm happy," she says, "that I am not under that pressure and have to look like that."

That's a teenager saying that.  But there's more.

"I am quite a healthy size," she says. "I am not skinny and I don't mind not being skinny. I am happy looking normal."

She talks about school and boys and career.  But throughout she talks about what's important: her family, her friends and her love of junk food.

She's real.  She's a good kid with an enormous gift.  The difference is, she doesn't wear that gift on her sleeves. And yes, she has sleeves.

Britney, you are gorgeous. But Charlotte, you are precious.

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