Cat Credited With Discovering Owner's Lung Cancer

A Canadian man is crediting his cat for discovering his cancer and saving his life, The Calgary Sun reports.

Lionel Adams, 59, suffers from bronchitis, asthma and emphysema, but had no reason to believe he also had lung cancer.

But a furry friend named Tiger knew better.

"He would climb into bed and take his paw and drag it down my left side -- he was adamant there was something there," Adams said, referring to the 8-year-old cat's strange behavior, which started about seven months ago. "And it was right where the cancer was."

Adams paid a visit to his family doctor and mentioned his cat's odd behavior. An X-ray revealed that Adams did have a mass on his left side, which was later determined to be a cancerous tumor.

Doctors removed part of Adams' lung to rid him of the cancer.

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