Car-respondence - Lotus Elise SC

Performance Married With Efficiency

I have to disagree with your assessment that the Lotus Elise is not good as an everyday-driver. I have been driving a standard 2005 Lotus Elise for two years now, and it is my everyday car. It is a comfortable daily driver with the bonus of being an outstanding sports car, plus I have been getting a real-world 26 mpg average fuel mileage. I am the only one in the car 99% of the time, with my wife joining me the other 1%. True, there is no room for hauling major items, but, U-Haul rents some nice trucks for the very rare times I might need extra cargo room, or, most of the time, I have things delivered. Why buy an outrageously large vehicle, like an SUV, when you are only going to use its capabilities maybe 10% of the time? Those vehicles are a total waste of resources. I do plan on trading my Elise in on a new Elise SC in about a year.

David Zimlin

FCR: It sounds like you have achieved marital bliss, as long as that 99% of the time isn’t spent sitting in the car in a dark garage wishing she’d let you drive it the other 1% of the time.

Brother, Can You Spare a Pretty Penny?

Sounds great. I used to own one of the hotter Porsche 914 many years ago and this sounds like one on steroids. Hey, got 54K I can borrow?

George H. Davis

FCR: If we did, we wouldn’t have needed to borrow the Elise from Lotus.

That’s 20 MPG CITY to You, Sir

You’re kidding, right? $54,500 and you have to shift it and it only gets 20 mpg.

Mike O’Brien

FCR: You don’t have to shift it if you don’t buy it.

Summer Reading

I found the report on the 2008 Elise SC to be well written but the car is nothing to scream about. It's just another fossil fuel "barbecue" with mag wheels and a stick shift. How boring and mundane.

Ryan Douglas

FCR: They give us the steak, we give you the sizzle. Glad you enjoyed it.

‘Lectric Lotus

With four dollars a gallon for gasoline, manufactures should be leaning toward building automobiles that get at least seventy-five miles per gallon. Your automobile is very attractive and has all the qualifying factors except gas mileage. In fact, I liked it so well that I read the whole story. And I'm sorry about the gas mileage.

Ethel Halstead

FCR: You may want to check out the Tesla Roadster. It is essentially a Lotus Elise that has been reengineered to run on electricity. It also costs over $109,000. Progress has its price.