Car-respondence - Honda Fit

So That’s What They’re For

I own the Honda Fit Sport 2009 and I LOVE my car!!! It is wonderful knowing that MY car can get up the snowy hills and others who looked at my "small" car and laughed, don't laugh any more! As far as the cup holders, well, they hold things like my cell phone, sun glasses, extra change and yes, even my cup of coffee! It's just a wonderful, cute, sporty looking car over all!

Kim Brown

Beauty, Meet Beholder

If you think that looks sporty you need to look around. That looks like all subcompacts with no personality. There all ugly including ours.

Don Finley

Save Your Ass Instead of Gas

Safe as long as no one hits a shopping cart, or heaven forbid a car, ortruck. I for one would rather give up fuel mileage for more safety in acrash.

Dan Mastro

FCR: The 2009 Fit received a 5-star safety ratings for frontal impacts, 5-stars for front seat side impacts, 4-stars for rear seat side impacts, and 4-stars for rollover

We Guess She Likes It

Just bought a 2009 Sport and it is a fun to drive, cute to look at, and so far 34 mpg. Love it, love it, love it.

Carol Scholl

And We Thought Cramer Was Funny

Nice car but could have done without the potted plant comment, dude.

Cramer Havens

FCR: Please don’t harsh our mellow, Dude