Car-respondence - BMW M3 Convertible

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Math is So Hot

Here’s a direct quote from your article… “In a year, 11.4 tons of carbon dioxide will make its way out of the M3’s tailpipe, doing its best to turn Buffalo, N.Y., into the next Las Vegas, or so they say.”

OK, let’s see if my math is correct… In a year’s time, the BMW M3 convertible is predicted to spit out 11.4 tons of carbon dioxide according to some group or organization – whoever “they” are…

11.4 tons = 22,800 lbs.

1 gallon of gasoline weighs 6.25 lbs.

19 Highway MPG/13 MPG City — Figure 15 MPG combined

15,000 miles per year divided by 15 MPG = 1000 gallons of gasoline used

1000 gallons X 6.25 lbs = 6, 250 lbs.

How can 6,250 lbs of gasoline suddenly expand into 22,800 lbs of carbon dioxide, especially when the exhaust is mainly vapor? I’d say someone has some pretty fat fingers when working their calculator…

FCR: “They” are the EPA, and while your math is technically correct, you’re calculations are missing some very important information. Carbon Dioxide is comprised of one carbon atom and two oxygen atoms, which are heavier than the little carbon guy. A gallon of gas does weigh 6.25 pounds, but only 5.5 pounds of it is carbon. When it burns, the carbon combines with 3.7 times its weight in oxygen, for a total of 20 lbs of carbon dioxide (CO2) per gallon. The BMW actually gets a combined 16 mpg, so this plus that equals 11.4 tons of CO2. Whether that’s a bad thing or not is somebody else’s job to figure out.

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Come on!! This guy is testing one of the hottest cars sold and he talks about the bull**** global warming!!!!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!! Next time hire a grown up.

Jerry Isgro

FCR: We’d love to respond to this, but our tongues are still stuck in our cheeks.

Good Morning U.S.A.

It's stupid cars like this that cause arrogant Americans to pay $4.00/gal for gasoline! When is arrogant America going to wake up! It’s just a stupid car.

Craig Kitchen

FCR: We’d like to respond to this as well, but now our mouths are full of hot dogs and apple pie.

European Vacation

We just spent 3 weeks in Germany/Switzerland/France in our Euro Delivery M3. It is incredible. Terrific handling and engine. Even though it has been out a year or so, we still got thumbs up, stares, a young man in Munich begging to hear the engine and people across an intersection honking (in France of all places). The gas mileage might be better than advertised. At one point, we were 17+ at 90-120 on the autobahn.

John Howard

That Girl

Nice article on the M3...I was quite happy to open Internet Explorer and arrive at my home page, FOX find that beauty. I've been driving one for 3 years now...LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! I'm not"that guy", I'm actually a girl...and yes, I have taken mine on the race track. I out-drove 99% of "those guys" and put them to shame. For the record...they're worth every pennyAllison Fitzpatrick