Two U.S. soldiers were injured early Sunday when a car bomb exploded next to their military convoy on the road leading to Baghdad (search)'s airport, a military statement said.

The bomb damaged one of the vehicles, the military said, and two soldiers were taken to a military hospital.

The military statement said there were no reported civilian casualties. But the interim government's Youth Ministry reported that its general director, Ahmed Faiq, and his bodyguard were injured in the attack.

Fadhil Jawad, a resident who said he watched the attack from the roof of his home, described a late-model luxury car overtaking the six-vehicle convoy moments before exploding in a ball of fire.

Jawad said that two of the Humvees in the convoy were destroyed by the blast and the rest scattered off the road. Two Blackhawk helicopters arrived and evacuated wounded soldiers, he said.

A military spokesman said he couldn't comment on the report that two vehicles were destroyed.

The highway leading from downtown to the international airport is considered one of the most dangerous stretches of road in Iraq for U.S. troops. Insurgents regularly target military convoys and combat patrols on the busy thoroughfare, which cuts through central Baghdad.

On Saturday, a bomb detonated near two armored buses on the same road, damaging both but causing no casualties.

Meanwhile, several mortar shells exploded Sunday near a police station in the town of Baqouba (search), 35 miles northeast of Baghdad, police said. Two officers and a woman were injured in the attack.