Candid Camera

Dear Viewers,

Running for president -- even if you are not the frontrunner, or a likely winner -- is a full time job. Wednesday night, Congressman Kucinich (search) was booked on “Hannity & Colmes” and arrived at the bureau early. Why? He had to do a radio show. So he grabbed some "quiet" space in the back of the bureau (and it is not always easy to find "quiet" space in a 24/7 news bureau) and did his radio show. I grabbed my camera so that you could get this "behind the scenes" picture (photo No. 1) and see how he did the radio show (and yes, he kindly gave me his signature wave.)

Photo No. 2: After I snapped the picture of Congressman Kucinich, and at about 9:30 p.m., I walked toward my studio (that I share with Brit Hume.) When I walked into the larger part of the newsroom -- Kucinch was in a separate area in the back -- I spotted our lighting guy (and one of the make up artists) "working." Of course I asked, "What are you doing?" It seemed odd that the lighting expert would be simply changing bulbs in the newsroom with the makeup artist's help. He explained to me that he was working on Brit's backlights -- way back. If you look carefully in this picture you will see in the background the glass to the studio where Brit does his show (and I do ours.) When Brit's show is shot, the newsroom can be seen behind him and hence the lighting has to be "right." Thus, the lighting expert was doing some expert adjusting. He was not simply called into service to replace light bulbs!

Photo No. 3 is me "camera ambushing" the former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich (search) being a gentleman and holding the door for me earlier in the evening. He teased me for taking his picture while doing a good deed, so I figured I would tease him by putting this picture in the blog. With the speaker is Rick Tyler who works with the speaker. Obviously this picture is taken at the entrance to the bureau.

Photo No. 4: Last but not least, my picture with Bert, one of my cameramen. When I saw how he was dressed last night, I said, "Bert, glad you got the memo."


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