Canadian Newcomer Destined for PM Job?

Belinda Stronach is not your average Canadian political newcomer — she is 38, single and gave up a $10 million salary to run for a seat in the Canadian House of Commons (search).

"This is about making a difference and it is about making a positive difference in my community and my country," Stronach said.

Stronach was the CEO of Magna International (search), the fifth-largest auto-parts manufacturer in North America, and has been named by both Time and Fortune as one of the world's most powerful women in business.

"Having run a global corporation and having operated in over 22 countries, I feel that Canada needed to address how it is going to compete to protect jobs, to create new jobs in this highly competitive global economy," she said.

Stronach has been credited with bringing together Canada's Conservative Party but she lost her bid to become the party leader to Stephen Harper.

Her job now is to help Harper, who is running against Canada's ruling Liberal Party, led by Prime Minister Paul Martin (search), become the next prime minister.

But many who know Stronach believe some day she is destined to be head of Canada's government.

"I think she would make an excellent prime minister," said Al Power, CEO of Magna International. "And I think ... that's ultimately her goal."

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