Canadian Football Player Found Guilty of Sexual Assault for Lying to Women About HIV-Positive Status

A Canadian football player has been found guilty of aggravated sexual assault after having unprotected sex with two women and lying to them about the fact that he was HIV-positive, AFP reported.

Trevis Smith, 30, was accused of intentionally lying to his sex-partners about his health, even after one of them pressed him about rumors he was HIV-positive, a Canadian court determined.

Smith denied the claims, saying the women were just jilted lovers.

A Canadian judge chose to believe the accusers, however, as well as a nurse who testified that Smith admitted to her that he lied to the two women.

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"He was found guilty on both counts," a court clerk told AFP.

One of the women testified she had a relationship with the ex-linebacker over a three-year period, and had unprotected sex with Smith on numerous occasions after November 2003, when he tested positive for HIV.

The other woman said she had a sexual relationship with him in 2000, which they rekindled in 2005, having unprotected sex three times since then.

According to reports, neither of the women has tested positive for HIV.

Smith faces possible life in prison, the court clerk told AFP.