Can News Anchors Be Serious and Silly?

I guess because in my business we're a tad self-absorbed, a lot of folks in my business are a tad aghast that Brian Williams will be hosting "Saturday Night Live" in a few weeks.

Yea, Brian Williams, the NBC News anchor. Part of what they used to call the "holy trinity" of broadcast journalism — serious, revered, special.

But to Brian's credit, clearly not self-absorbed.

Look, I don't know Brian Williams personally. I've seen him at numerous events and, of course, on air. And although he's inherited a special mantle, nothing I've seen from him makes me think he acts like he has.

In fact, he's quite funny and razor quick. In some venues I've watched him, he's actually hysterical. But more, he's human.

I welcome him showing the world that. I wish more would.

I'm not saying everyone try out at a comedy club, but do stop trying out for the "I'm important" club.

Because you know something? You're not. None of us are.

The moment we can't laugh at ourselves, is the moment everyone will.

A lot of my learned journalist friends say they rue these times. I welcome them.

Some say network anchors should be serious, not silly. Why can't they be both?

Some of the best bosses I've ever had, including the one I have now, are funny as heck. They pick their moments, because life is about moments. And then it's gone.

Brian gets that. And I frankly like that.

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