Can Liberals and Conservatives Achieve Detente?

And the answer is, no, not as long as the loons control the debate.

On conservative talk radio, the word "liberal" is a nasty term. It doesn't get much worse than being called the "L" word. But consider that Franklin Roosevelt was a liberal. And his creative policies helped pull the USA out of the Great Depression. Also on his watch, Japan and Germany were smashed.

Robert Kennedy was a liberal. And he damaged the mafia far more than the conservative J. Edgar Hoover did.

So history demonstrates that liberals, as well as conservatives, have done great things for America. But today, extremists are damaging the country. Last night, we told you about Mark Cuban, who has financed a vile movie that shows American forces in Iraq to be killers and rapists. There is no excuse for Cuban's actions, which will put U.S. troops in even more peril.

And it is the far-left that is putting all of us in danger right now, opposing every anti-terror measure and demonizing those with whom they disagree.

Here's a vivid example. Actor George Clooney is about as radical left as they come. Clooney sees himself as a great statesman, a perceptive thinker. In a recent interview, Clooney continues to denigrate conservatives and says a number of very interesting things.

"During the Salem witch hunt, the liberals thought there was no such thing as witches, and the conservative view was 'They're witches and they all have to die.'"

Wow, who knew that conservatives executed 19 people way back in 1692? George certainly has a long memory.

More Clooney quote. "Anybody who's running [for President] who's gone through the Sixties and didn't smoke a joint, I don't want you for president. You haven't lived at all. What the f*** is wrong with you?"

That's right, cannabis consumption should be a litmus test for the presidency. Right on, George.

Finally, Clooney weighs in on Rudy Giuliani. "[He] might end up winning the nomination from the Christian right. That tells you the rest of the country is a little bit moved away from the idea of this 'Jesus is right about everything kind of mood'. I'm not knocking religion, but there was a reason that we left England."

Of course, that reason was taxation without representation. Nothing to do with Jesus, George. Just setting the record straight.

Now I'm mocking Clooney, because he is the epitome of far-left lunacy. He despises conservatives. He wants a brave new world. Smoke pot, save the witches. Clooney and others like him do great damage to traditional liberals. Because George has a platform, some Americans believe all on the left think like he does. They do not.

"Talking Points" encourages all Americans to think independently, to get away from the Kool-aid and elect problem solvers, not ideologues. In my opinion, the far-left is now irrational, malicious, and irresponsible.

So there will be no ideological detente in America until crazies on both sides are shunned by clear thinking Americans.

Pinheads and Patriots

Tony Dungy, who coaches the Indianapolis Colts football team, is a classy guy with a best- selling book that's very readable.

Now, a few days ago Coach Dungy made a big mistake that may have cost the Colts the game against San Diego. But the coach admitted — admitted — it was his fault. Since we're big on personal responsibility, Tony Dungy, who we like, is a patriot.

On the pinhead front, Boy George has been charged in London with chaining a man to the wall of his home. Apparently, the boy guy didn't want the 28-year-old bloke to leave, so he chained him to the wall of his home. This is not good.

Boy George, as if you didn't know, is a pinhead.

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