The Democratic race for the White House shifted south and west Wednesday after Sen. John Kerry made it two for two, scoring his second win in the New Hampshire primary (search ).

Missouri and South Carolina are the key prizes at stake in the next phase of the competition, which includes primaries Feb. 3 in those states as well as in Arizona, Delaware and Oklahoma and caucuses in New Mexico and North Dakota.

Kerry's easy win in New Hampshire on Tuesday came after he unexpectedly trounced his competitors in the Iowa caucuses a week ago.

The Massachusetts senator won 39 percent of the vote with 97 percent of precincts reporting as of 12:01 a.m. Wednesday. Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean took second place in the nation's first primary with 26 percent of the vote, retired Army Gen. Wesley Clark and North Carolina Sen. John Edwards were tied at 12 percent and Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman had 9 percent of the vote.

Can anyone catch up to Kerry?

A sample of your responses:

I believe sincerely that Mr Kerry is off to a false start. Two wins in 52 states does not make you a nominee.
Paul W.
Gold Coast, Australia

The question is not can anyone catch up with Kerry, it should be can Kerry catch up with Bush...
Bill B.
Wellington, TX

Yes, I do believe someone will beat Kerry in the end. Because, as long as he keeps badmouthing his backers, he's going to lose...
Dale O.
Denham Springs, LA

I wouldn't write off Dean.  I  changed my opinion of him for the good after the way he conducted himself so well, after "the scream heard round the world." I've never cared for John Kerry. He seems a bit haughty and slightly bombastic. Poor Lieberman; he's the best, and doing the worst.
Sandra M.
Miami, FL

I think Dean will close the gap but the Democrats are choosing their candidate for the wrong reason.  They are so consumed with just beating Bush.  I remember when the Republicans were so consumed to beat Clinton and they chose their candidate with that in mind.
Dallas, TX

Hell, even I could catch John Kerry. He's too damn slow... The closer to November we get the more voters will realize that the campaign was just fun and entertaining. When the moment of truth arrives on election day most unaffected voters will do the right thing because they are aware that there are too many vital issues being resolved for so many radical changes to be made so soon. Not to mention who would be making those changes and how they intend to make them.
Rob S.
Shelby Twp., MI

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