Call of the Wild

Here’s the latest edition of Some Stories You Won't Find on any other Sunday show:

Measuring Confidence

Each year Gallup (search) does a survey to find out how much confidence the American people have in key institutions. Here are some highlights:

The U.S. military tops the list with a 74 percent confidence rating.

The presidency comes in at 44 percent.

Newspapers and television trail at 28 percent.

And near the bottom, Congress with a rating of 22 percent

Picture This

Not sure if there's a connection, but a new study finds that congressional candidates with baby faces often lose elections. The journal Science found that a quick look at a candidate's facial appearance influences a voter's decision.

Politicians with round faces big eyes, small noses and pinchable cheeks almost always "face" defeat.

Call of the Wild

And this report from Margaritaville: Singer Jimmy Buffett's lost cell phone was found by a Delray Beach, Florida busboy. The young man claims that he never called the likes of Al Gore and Jimmy Carter from the speed dial numbers.

But police are talking to him about some crank calls made to Bill Clinton (search) while the phone was allegedly in his possession.