California College Cancels Plan to Put Free Condoms in Student Newspapers

Officials at an Orange County college have scrapped plans to distribute free condoms in an upcoming campus newspaper edition after some students complained about the safe sex campaign.

The promotional campaign sponsored by the student health center and the Daily Titan newspaper at California State University, Fullerton called for placing some 4,500 condoms in the paper's Nov. 14 edition.

But a poster alerting students to the giveaway offended some students who objected to the image of stick figures appearing to have sex. Their complaints led campus officials to cancel the giveaway, Dean of Students Bob Palmer said Monday.

"If I'm picking up a paper to read it, I would not necessarily want to have a condom there," Palmer said.

Instead, the newspaper will print coupons that can be redeemed for free condoms at the student health center, he said.

The Daily Titan's executive editor said he doubts many students will use the coupons.

"It will just mean more students are likely to get pregnant or contract a disease because everyone will be too embarrassed or forget," Ian Hamilton said.