Cage Faces Rainy Days as 'The Weather Man'

Weather forecasters are the Rodney Dangerfields of news — they rarely get the respect they deserve.

"The Weather Man" (search), which opens this weekend, stars Nicolas Cage (search) as a Chicago forecaster, looking for his big career break. But he must decide between personal stability and professional gain.

"It's a hard job. I mean it takes a lot of work to get the put-ons — put-ons are those little phony clouds and suns and whatever lightening bolts. I don't want that job," Cage told FOX News.

Co-star Hope Davis (search) calls the film "a very dark comedy."

"It's about celebrity, what it's like to actually be a celebrity and have everybody know your face, and it's a family drama about this family busting up and losing control of their kids," she said.

Michael Caine (search) also co-stars as Cage's father.

For Cage, grasping the lingo was almost as tough as predicting the weather.

"I did want to get all my dialogue out, my monologues, which were about, you know, condensation and numbers and cloud formations and things that don't really mean anything to me. It's like learning how to memorize the Yellow Pages."

And getting pelted by food thrown by angry viewers was an experience this A-list actor could have done without.

"Pretty much anything that was in the movie would be uncomfortable to have thrown at you. Milkshakes, chicken McNuggets, falafel, corndogs with mustard. That's all stuff that I'd like to avoid being on the receiving end of."

FOX News' Mike Waco contributed to this report.