Cab Driver in Duke Gang Rape Case Arrested

A cab driver who has supported an alibi offered by one of the two Duke lacrosse players charged with rape has been arrested on an old shoplifting warrant.

The warrant accuses Moez Mostafa of stealing five purses worth about $250 from a Durham department store in 2003, which he denies. Mostafa told The News & Observer of Raleigh he helped store security locate a woman after he had picked her up from the store and drove her home.

"I am not responsible for what she did inside the store," Mostafa said. "I am just a taxi driver."

The woman pleaded guilty to larceny three months later, the paper said. Mostafa said he thought he was done with the case until he was arrested on Wednesday.

Ernest Conner, a Greenville lawyer who represents Duke sophomore lacrosse player Reade Seligmann, said the cabbie's arrest amounted to intimidation in the rape case.

Mostafa has said Seligmann called for a ride at 12:14 a.m. on March 14, and was picked up five minutes later. The defense has argued those times help establish that Seligmann left the party before having enough time to participate in the 30-minute assault described by the accuser.

Seligmann's attorney has also presented cell phone, ATM and dorm keycard records to help establish that timeline.

The accuser, a 27-year-old black student at a nearby university, told police she was raped and beaten by three white men at the party. A grand jury has charged Seligmann, of Essex Fells, N.J., and Collin Finnerty, of Garden City, N.Y., with rape, kidnapping and sexual assault. District Attorney Mike Nifong has said he hopes to charge a third person.