Businessmen Using Botox to Get Ahead in the Workplace

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DAVID ASMAN, GUEST HOST: The former CFO of Dow Chemical suing the company for $75 million bucks. J. Pedro Reinhard was fired after 37 years at the company for holding buyout talks without telling the board of directors. A charge that he denies.

Well, my next guest says maybe — just maybe — a veteran like Reinhard may not have been fired if he had used Botox. A man using Botox.

Robert Grant, president of Allergan Medical, his company is making a mint on middle-aged businessmen getting Botox to look younger and have an edge in the workplace.

So first of all, everybody must ask you, do you use the stuff?

ROBERT GRANT, PRESIDENT ALLERGAN MEDICAL: Yes, I do. And it is about time because of my — it is time for me to get another treatment...


GRANT: because it has been about six months. Well, I can do the frown right now. But…


ASMAN: OK. So I can see — that line would disappear if you used Botox? This line.

GRANT: Yes. My last treatment was about six months ago. So it was time for me to get back to treat my elevens (ph) right up here.

ASMAN: But what is the big deal? I mean, for — you know, particularly if you are in business, if you are not an actor on television or whatever, what is the big deal if you some lines on your forehead?

GRANT: You know what? It is really no difference for men than it is for women. Men and women alike want to be able to control the terms of how they age. They want to do it on their own terms and as a result of that, men and women are adopting these technologies very quickly because they want to have natural, expressive and fresh results.

ASMAN: Have you had recently a big increase in the number of men doing this?

GRANT: Absolutely. In fact, last year if you look at the data, according to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, you will find that approximately 300,000 procedures were performed on men, just for Botox cosmetic.

ASMAN: But you know, once again, I mean, it is not only — sometimes I am bothered when I see an actress or an actor who has obviously had so much Botox in their forehead that it does not move at all. And sometimes you want to see a mobile forehead, some expression out of the face.

GRANT: Well, that is precisely why — one of the reasons we have recently launched our campaign: the freedom of expression around Botox cosmetic. We did some surveys around the country and around the world, actually, and found out that men and women, one of the common fears that they have of adopting this particular procedure is that they have a fear of getting the frozen face or sort of the startled look. You do not actually have to have that with Botox cosmetic.

ASMAN: If it is administered correctly?

GRANT: If it is administered correctly. And it is also a choice for — between the doctor and the patient on exactly how much Botox they to use. But with the proper uses of Botox, you can have very expressive results and you can look very natural and not have an overdone look.

ASMAN: By the way, you say six months is the term for one shot. How much would a six-month shot cost?

GRANT: Well, it ranges anywhere depending on where you are having the treatment. But it generally is in the range of $300 to $500. And usually people will get the treatments anywhere from four to six months in duration.

ASMAN: We should mention, by the way, it is not just used to get rid of the wrinkles, it is used for headaches and a lot of other stuff.

GRANT: That is correct.

ASMAN: …which we do not have time to get into now. Robert Grant, great to see you. Thanks very much.

GRANT: Thank you.

ASMAN: I will see you next time without the little line in your forehead.

GRANT: Absolutely.

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