The U.S. Supreme Court will get involved in a two-decade long fight over whether Mexican trucks and busses can do business in the United States.

The court has agreed to hear the Bush administration's appeal of a 1994 NAFTA (search) ruling that keeps Mexican trucks off American roads until an environmental study is completed.

"The major problems are diesel emissions, particularly in the border states and they can be very severe and cause asthma and many, many problems," said Joan Claybrook of the public interest group Public Citizen (search).

President Bush feels Mexican trucks can meet U.S. safety guidelines and thinks allowing door-to-door deliveries will cut down on shipping costs and ultimately benefit consumers.

But critics say Bush is using the trucking issue to forge better ties with Mexico and special interest groups while ignoring the American worker.

"The Bush administration has already sent out enough American jobs outside of this country," said Teamsters (search) spokesman Bret Caldwell. "It's time we stood up for good-paying, high-wage productive jobs in this country and kept them here."

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