Bush & Saddam—The Real Story

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The real story about President Bush and Saddam Hussein, that's the subject of this evening's Talking Points Memo .

They will never say it, but the Bush administration wants a war with Iraq.  The president and his key advisers believe removing Saddam Hussein from power is vital, weapons found or no weapons found.

That's the reason you have all these human rights abuses being reported now, even though they've been going on in Iraq for decades.  The Bush administration is demonizing Saddam Hussein, who, of course, deserves every bit of it.

The reason Mr. Bush wants Saddam out is intriguing.  Al Qaeda continues to present the most dangerous threat to the USA, but in order for al Qaeda to continue attacking, needs the help of the Muslim world.  Right now, most Muslims resent America for providing Israel money and guns.  As long as the USA is perceived as being pro-Israel, and the Palestinian conflict is raging, the Muslim world will be against the USA.

The Bush people believe three nations are making the continuing terror in Israel possible, Iraq, Iran, and Syria.  Iraq and Iran train and fund the terrorists.  Syria gives them shelter and access to Israel.

The removal of Saddam Hussein will put a severe dent in the capabilities of Hamas, Hezbollah, and Islamic Jihad.  American troops will be poised on the border of Iran and Syria, making it much more difficult for those nations to support those terrorists.

If the bombers can be stopped in Israel, it's then possible for serious negotiations to begin between Israel and the Palestinians.  If they can reach some kind of an agreement, the intensity of hatred toward the United States will drop in the Muslim world, and al Qaeda loses power.

That's the road map, and it's very credible.  As long as the Jews and the Palestinians are killing each other, America will not be able to win over the Muslim world.

So Saddam Hussein is going no matter what the United Nations finds or says.  Mr. Bush believes the security of the United States depends on removing Saddam.

The action could start as early as January, and al Qaeda knows the strategy.  That's why those thugs hit the Israeli hotel in Kenya.  They want to keep Israel on the offensive.  They want the Jews to continue to attack Arabs.

The Bush administration is right about the danger to the USA that the continuing Israeli-Palestinian conflict poses.  But Mr. Bush is wrong once again in articulating American policy.  Why keep the big picture surrounding Saddam Hussein secret?

The president and Donald Rumsfeld should be spelling things out to the world.  I know many people don't care if Americans live or die, but everyone should know that we have a right to protect ourselves.  And we are doing just that by removing Saddam Hussein.

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