Bush Enters the No Spin Zone

President Bush enters the No Spin Zone.  That is the subject of this evening's "Talking Points Memo."

First of all, I really respect the president for doing the interview.  He didn't have to.  He's ahead in the polls and could have avoided us as many politicians do.

But Mr. Bush is confident in his positions and faced the questions head on.  As you will  see, he rarely dodged anything and was precise in most of his answers.

The president did not receive the questions in advance, nor  were there any restrictions on what I could ask.  Again, that's impressive.  Even if you don't support Mr. Bush, you have to admire his willingness to discuss the issues in a venue like this.

By the way, we didn't edit any of the president's comments. We have to take some breaks, but you will hear everything he said to me in the order in which he said it. No editing, no spin.

Also, we've been talking to Senator Kerry's people about him coming on "The Factor."  We hope it happens. There's no reason it should not happen.  We've been very fair to the senator, as everybody knows.

But remember, Al Gore (search) would not answer our questions, even though we bailed him out of the Florida school child controversy. Remember that? We produced the little girl who wrote him a letter saying she didn't have a desk in her classroom. Some of the press scorned that. Now, Mr. Gore cited our report in his press conference on the matter, then turned around and dodged us.  Obviously, we do not respect that decision. And to this day, I simply believe he's too frightened to do an interview here. -- As is Howard Dean (search), Donald Rumsfeld (search), Ted Kennedy (search), and Tom DeLay (search).

Certain powerful people just don't want to field tough questions. And we will always name those names.

Over the next three nights, you will learn just how President Bush sees America as it stands now, and why he's done what he's done. "Talking Points" hopes these talks will help you decide  whether or not to vote for Mr. Bush.

The purpose of all our interviews is to give you a clear and fair look at the person answering the questions.  We believe we've accomplished that with the president, but we want to know what you think.  All this week, we will be taking your questions and comments about the interview on the "Radio Factor."

All of our more than 400 stations are listed on billoreilly.com.  Go to the Web site.  Find out the station in your city.  We'll also read your comments in extended e-mail segments on "The Factor."

Once again, we thank President Bush for sitting down with us.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Yet another example of why San Francisco is, well, let's say, a unique place.  The city prosecutors there say you can now perform yoga naked in the streets of San Francisco.  What would Karl Malden (search) say? I simply don't know. But I believe Karl would think it was ridiculous.

It doesn't matter. The D.A. in San Francisco says you can go there and take off your clothes.  The D.A.'s quote is, "simply being naked on the street is not a crime."  Unless, of course, you say the Pledge of Allegiance in the buff, then they'll get you.

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