Burger King 'Little Mexican' Ad Slammed in Spain

An advertisement for a new burger has caused offense after Mexicans claimed it insulted them and their national cuisine.

Burger Kingdescribes its Texican Whopper in a Spanish ad as "inspired by the land where a man 'aint afraid to sink his teeth into something hot and spicy."

It contains a flame-grilled Whopper topped with taco-coated chilli con carne, spicy jalapenos, onion, lettuce and Cajun mayonnaise.

But the fast food giant has offended Mexicans with its "stereotypical" advertising campaign for the burger.

The television ad aired in Spain, described the Texican as "the taste of Texas with a little spicy Mexican."

It depicted a tall Texan cowboy living with a vertically challenged Mexican wrestler.

Mexico's ambassador to Spain slammed the ad in a letter to Burger King and said it "improperly used the stereotypical image of Mexicans."

Jorge Zermeño asked Burger King to pull the ad and apologize for offending Mexican cuisine.

The print edition of the commercial further angered Mexicans by showing the wrestler wearing what appears to be a Mexican flag as a cloak.

Mexicohas strict rules about using its national flag.

In 2008, the government fined foreign-owned publishing house Random House Mondadori for showing disrespect to the country's flag in a video posted online.

It is also not the first time fast food outlets have offended Mexican sensibilities.

Mexicans and other Hispanics in the U.S. objected to a Taco Bell ad in the 1990s that featured a pint-sized talking Chihuahua speaking with a Mexican accent.

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