Bundchen Bumped: Gisele Doesn’t Have the Most Sought-after Body, So Who Does? | Kerri Russell’s History as Bon Jovi’s "Green Bra" Girl Still Haunts | L.C. Still has it Over Whitney Port

Bundchen Bumped: Gisele Doesn’t Have the Most Sought-after Body, So Who Does?

Gisele Bundchen’s body is nothing short of bangin’. However, the sexy supermodel didn’t quite earn the top spot on the 12th Annual "Famed Hottest Looks," list compiled by Beverly Hills plastic surgeons and co-directors of The Beverly Hills Institute of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery Richard W. Fleming, M.D. and Toby G. Mayer, M.D.

According to the majority of surgery seekers, Jennifer Aniston has the most desired female figure, followed by Gisele Bundchen and Jessica Biel. When it comes to requests to replicate lips, Angelina Jolie scored the highest and was seconded by Anne Hathaway and Rosario Dawson.

"Usually we find that whatever star is in all the magazines and in the public eye a lot becomes the most popular," Mayer told Tarts. "But if someone doesn’t have a big movie or is away from the spotlight for awhile, they will drop off the list."

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And it looks like women (even in sunny California) are starting to move away from the mentality that sun-scolded skin is the sexiest, with au natural complexions like Cate Blanchett, Kate Winslet and Katie Holmes last year's most sought-after.

Who has the hottest hair? That’s where the young starlets shine. Fleming and Mayer found that most ladies wanted the locks of Isla Fisher, Blake Lively and Amanda Seyfried.

"Our patients continue to turn to Hollywood to determine their standard of beauty," explained Fleming. "Our patients want to look rested, energetic and, most of all, youthful like the celebrities they see on TV and in glossy magazines."

On the male end of the spectrum, the buff bods of Hugh Jackman, Eric Dane or Matthew McConaughey get the most requests, while Tom Cruise, Ashton Kutcher and Orlando Bloom have the most in-demand skin. But according to Mayer, having a hot head of hair is the key to eternal youth where men are concerned, which is why where John Stamos, Sean Penn and Patrick Dempsey are the ideal.

"Women get wrinkles, but men lose hair, and that’s the first sign of aging," Mayer said.

But just because so many aspire to look like a Hollywood hottie, don’t think that the Hollywood hotties themselves haven’t gone under the knife at some point in their careers. We’re told that 99 percent of Tinseltown (both male and female) have undergone some form of cosmetic surgery.

Keri Russell’s History as Bon Jovi’s "Green Bra" Girl Still Haunts

Most celebrities have cringe-worthy jobs they took on when trying to make it in Tinseltown, but for 36-year-old Keri Russell, her mortifying moment is still being passed down thru the generations. At just the tender age of 17, Russell appeared as the "other woman" in Bon Jovi’s hit music video "Always."

"I was recently in a movie theater, and this young kid in the front was like 'are you the girl in the green bra in the Bon Jovi video?' I could have died," the "Bedtime Stories" starlet told Tarts, shaking her head with mortification.

But baring her bod isn’t the only thing Russell is being remembered for from that famous video - there was the vast volume of curls that almost cost her career when she cut them off for "Felicity."

"Finally now we have ("Bedtime Stories" co-star) Russell Brand - someone has bigger hair than me!" she exclaimed.

Speaking of Brand, it seems the British bad boy’s big mouth had him excused from having to do a lot of press to promote the film at the end of last year. Known for his cunning comments as last year’s VMAs host, Rus spent some time doing print and radio interviews but was canned from television interviews at the last minute. According to our insider, it was all to do with the fact Brand is well, a little to blunt and honest. Hey, this is a Disney film. So while his co-stars slogged away with the press, our spotted the comedian partying in Sin City with fellow English lads Noel Gallagher and Ricky Hatton.

L.C. Still Has It Over Whitney Port

"The Hills" started as a spin-off to MTV’s "Laguna Beach" and blitzed it in terms of ratings, but unfortunately the same can’t be said for Whitney Port’s "The Hills" spin-off "The City." According to the Nielson Company ratings, Port’s New York-based reality show is averaging 1.7 million per episode which is far cry from "The Hills" which averaged 3.5 million in its last season.

But hey, at least Whitney is well and truly beating fellow reality star Brody Jenner whose show "Bro-mance" is only managing to draw in an average of 778,000 viewers.

But back to Miss Port, as it turns out her love interest on the show Jay Lyon is no stranger to dating beautiful fashionistas. Lyon (whose real name is Brent Tuhtan) dated Victoria’s Secret supermodel and fellow Aussie Miranda Kerr for more than four years and the two lived together in New York while they were both struggling to make it in the modeling world. A bikini-clad Kerr is even featured in a music video for Lyon’s band "Tamarama" which was featured on "The City" after-show.

The genetically-blessed babes broke up in 2007 as Kerr had moved on to Orlando Bloom.

"He [Bloom] was very cheeky," Kerr told a radio station in her homeland. "I had a boyfriend [Lyon] so he went to my agent to get my number."

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