Pierce Brosnan (search), who played British agent James Bond in the last four "007" films, says he thinks fellow Irishman Colin Farrell (search) would be his ideal successor.

Brosnan, 51, said several actors could ably fill his shoes as Bond, which he began in 1995 with "GoldenEye" and concluded with 2002's "Die Another Day."

"But I'll give it to Colin Farrell. He'll eat the head off them all," Brosnan said following an entertainment awards ceremony Saturday in Dublin.

Farrell, 28, appeared with Tom Cruise (search) in the 2002 sci-fi thriller, "Minority Report," and has the title role in Oliver Stone's upcoming "Alexander."

Brosnan didn't specify any other actors that he thought would make a good 007.

He also said he was discussing a possible collaboration with director Quentin Tarantino, who is considering making a film of the Bond novel "Casino Royale."

"We have discussed things, Quentin and I, but I don't know if it's going to be that particular project," Brosnan said.