'Brokeback' Aerosmith? Dream On

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'Brokeback' Aerosmith?

Aerosmith is still rocking some 30 years after "Dream On" became their signature hit. That’s amazing right there, no? Think back to 1976: it’s not like Peter Frampton, the other big rock act from that year, is still around and selling out stadiums and arenas!

But here's a funny story from the road, and it doesn't have to do with Steven Tyler. Guitarist Joe Perry, who now looks younger than he did in '76, has a new look on stage. I’m told he's been sporting a big black cowboy hat. "He was really getting into it," an observer says.

Lo and behold, eventually some smart guy in the show said to him the other day, "Joe, that’s very 'Brokeback Mountain' of you." Perry — who's been on tour for a while and hasn’t seen any new movies —- just nodded.

Later, someone actually explained what this might mean. Now I'm told Perry has doffed the cowboy hat, lest there might be a misconstrued idea. Not, of course, that there would be anything wrong with that.

Golden Globes: Let the Games Begin

They're coming from all over. The Golden Globes weekend is upon us. Today might not be a lucky day for some, but the real action takes place Monday night, live on NBC.

As I've said before, "Brokeback Mountain" looks like the sure winner in the drama category, and "Walk the Line" would seem the likely candidate to take top honors in Comedy/Musical.

Look for "Brokeback"'s Heath Ledger, "Transamerica"'s Felicity Huffman and both of the "Walk the Line" stars —- Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon — to clean up. Best Director will go to either Peter Jackson for "King Kong" or Steven Spielberg for "Munich."

Now, look, if I'm wrong, I'll take the Sylvia Browne psychic out: I didn’t say it. I always meant the opposite, I just didn’t have time to tell you.

But let's say I am right. Academy members will have five days to decide if they want to endorse the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s choices or look elsewhere for a movie to call their own.

My guess is that while both "Brokeback" and "Walk the Line" will make the Academy final five, neither of them will win. Look for "Munich," "Capote" and "Good Night, and Good Luck" to suddenly become the subject of intense campaigning.

But first intense partying: on Saturday night, HBO takes over Chateau Marmont, and I'm told both GQ and Vanity Fair have small fetes planned as well.

Both "Brokeback" and "Walk the Line" are said to be getting small, exclusive dinners, and on Sunday, Vanity Fair goes all out. The big "gets" of the weekend will undoubtedly be Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger.

But the real Most Wanteds will be people from the celeb mags: a Brad, Angie, Jen, Ben, Jen, Lindsay, etc. will be what the PR guys and gals will be aiming for. Good luck!

And Sunday afternoon’s British Academy “tea” at the Park Hyatt should be interesting. There’s word circulating that venerable BAFTA won’t allow press into their austere proceedings. But that would seem like folly, no? The British critics who live in the L.A. area should want their editors at home to know just how important they are.

Lou Rawls Funeral Watch

This morning at 11a.m. PT, all eyes in Hollywood will be on soul superstar Lou Rawls' funeral at West Angeles Church.

I told you a couple of days ago that things were tense between Rawls’ putative widow, Nina Inman, and the two adult children from his marriage to Lana Rawls, Louanna and Lou Jr.

So far, this star-studded funeral, directed by Inman, does not include any planned eulogies by either of those children. Ironically, Inman has become allied with Rawls' eldest daughter, Kendra, who was born from a non-marriage relationship.

Inman, from what I can tell, will have an interesting time on her hands once the funeral is over. Louanna Rawls has plenty of documentation that could be interpreted in a negative light for her father's widow. She is also said to have reliable witnesses who could testify —- if things went that far — that Inman acted against Rawls’ wishes in the last months of his life.

Certainly, no one in the Rawls family was happy to see that Lou, "a natural man," is said to have been made up for burial wearing a purple “performing” jacket and a Kangol hat turned backward, rap-style.

Personally, listening to what’s befallen Rawls in his later days, I think, is appalling. He was such a gifted artist, a great talent and a humanitarian. It’s awful to think he, like so many Hollywood giants before him, is being subjected to such a lack of respect.

I did say the other day that I would have Louanna Rawls' complete side of the story this week. She's asked us to wait though until the funeral is over before we lay out the details. In the meantime, though, I hear Inman has already talked to People magazine.

You know, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross wrote about talking to celebrity magazines in her famous treatise, "On Death and Dying." First there’s shock, then anger, then ratting out your loved one and his relatives in a public forum, followed by probate. Acceptance? That’s adjudicated.

Bon Jovi Goes West; This Red Riding Hood Rocks

Rocker Jon Bon Jovi filmed the first of two episodes of "The West Wing" last night here in Santa Monica. In the script, I’m told he plays himself, coming in to do some last-minute campaigning for one of the presidential candidates.

Bon Jovi, who’s a rabid "West Wing" fan, has real-life experience with this: he pitched in at the 11th hour for both Al Gore and John Kerry

If you have a kid or know one, take them this weekend to see "Hoodwinked," directed by brothers Cory and Todd Edwards and written and directed by them with Tony Leech.

This is the kind of hilarious animated film for kids that works on both levels, for us and for them. Weinstein Company bought the original version and then "re-voiced" it, I’m told, putting in Patrick Warburton (Puddy from "Seinfeld"), Glenn Close, Chazz Palminteri and Anne Hathaway.

The result is a clever parody of "Little Red Riding Hood" that should inspire a whole line of sequels sending up familiar tales.

If it’s any endorsement, my 5-year-old twin nieces, Hannah and Charlotte, caught it at a press screening and have been bugging me ever since then for a DVD screener. I’ve explained to them, they will have to wait until they’re Academy voters!