Britney Spears Storms Out of Interview With OK! Magazine

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GERALDO RIVERA, "BIG STORY" GUEST HOST: It's the "Big Buzz": Britney Spears' disastrous new interview with OK! magazine.

The pop tart was finally going to set the record straight about the rumors surrounding her much maligned private life. So she set up a photo shoot with the magazine at a fabulous rented mansion in Hollywood, but the paparazzi were the only ones who got pictures when Britney stormed out after taking numerous bathroom breaks. She even split with high-end clothing and jewelry. Needless to say, the OK! staff was shocked. OK! didn't get their exclusive interview or the photographs they were said. Instead they are printing the story of Britney's photo shoot meltdown.

With me right now is OK! magazine's Rob Chilton. You guys are pretty celebrity friendly. It's very unlike you to be exposing someone's bad conduct — alleged bad conduct. Why are you doing that?

ROB CHILTON, OK! MAGAZINE: Well, we feel as though this is a very interesting story to see somebody who is so well known cracking up. We have seen little parts of it in the past with Britney but this is really, I think, a new low of her. The shots of her attacking the car with the umbrella with a shaved head, that was a low point. But we think this is a point lower than that and we think it is important to show that, you know, Britney is in trouble. We want to help her out.

RIVERA: Do you think there will be blowback? People now saying, oh, OK! is going to be like Star or the others?

CHILTON: Absolutely not. Celebrities come to OK! magazine because they know that we will cooperate with them and we will give them a fair shout.

RIVERA: Well you gave me a fair shout about my wedding. Didn't pay me 25 cents. But I mention the frequent bathroom breaks — is it not a fact that she was "disoriented" after leaving the bathroom?

CHILTON: Yeah. I mean people have been reading into that and there's a lot of chatter.

RIVERA: Well it could be…

CHILTON: Well, obviously people have suspicions.

RIVERA: …she smelled the Dove soap and got dizzy or something?

CHILTON: She's a very clean girl. She appeared disorientated, you are correct and she seemed uncomfortable. Her behavior was erratic. So there is obviously something going on in Britney's head right now that is not good.

RIVERA: So be frank about it: Was she stoned or drunk or was she not?

CHILTON: We don't know. There is no way of us knowing that.

RIVERA: Let me ask you a harder question. Is it not a fact that a dog pooped on your expensive gown?

CHILTON: That is a fact. We can confirm that a dog did a No. 2 on a very nice Zac Posen gown, worth about $7,000.

RIVERA: And how much are the clothing and other thing she took with her worth?

CHILTON: Clothing, jewelry, we reckon she walked out with about $15,000 worth of stuff.

RIVERA: Well, we added up, it comes to $21,267 if you add in what was damaged and pooped on. That is a felony amount if you wanted to bring charges.

CHILTON: Yeah, I think there are going to be legal discussions.

RIVERA: Will there be a larceny complaint filed?

CHILTON: We don't know what's going to happen. Our lawyers, I think, are talking to Britney's lawyers and there will be some kind of conversation going on now.

RIVERA: You are in business, we are in business. Do you think that you could settle this by just her showing up and doing it right the next time?

CHILTON: Maybe that could be a future shoot for us. I'm sure she would like to help us out again, and we want to hear Britney's story, because it's the hot story everyone wants to know about. So if Britney wants to talk, we are here.

RIVERA: Thanks, Rob.

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