British Woman Fakes Own Death to Break Up With Boyfriend

A British woman pretended to have her lover's baby - then ditched him by faking her own death.

Dianne Craven, a married mother of three, pretended to be her brother when she sent a text message saying she had suffered a fatal brain hemorrhage.

Craven then sent other texts giving lover Stuart Shortland details of her funeral, still masquerading as her family member.

Shortland was so shocked by the news of his lover's death that he developed alopecia and went bald.

But the ruse ended when The Sun found pictures of Craven on the internet taken three months after she "died."

Shortland was living in Portugal when Dianne, 49, texted him last year from the U.K. to say their "baby" girl Ruby was born on November 10.

He had flown to the U.K. to see his baby when he received news of Craven's "death."

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