British Change of Mind on an Attack on Iraq?

And now the most intriguing two minutes in television, the latest from the wartime grapevine:

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Massacre Affected British Opinion
That terrorist massacre on the Indonesian Island of Bali over the weekend has had a surprising effect on public opinion in Britain, which lost 30 people in the attack. The liberal Guardian newspaper reports a 10-point rise in support for an attack on Iraq after the bombing, with 42 percent now in favor, and 37 percent opposed. That's the most support for an attack, the  lowest percentage opposed since the Guardian started polling weekly on the issue back in August. Only 35 percent said the United States had "taken its eye off the ball" of the fight against Al Qaeda.

CNN Not Alone...
We said here the other night that only CNN was taking the Iraqi election seriously. We were wrong. The British-based wire service Reuters, which cannot bring itself to use the word terrorism, except in quotes, treated yesterday's exercise in Iraq in which Saddam Hussein, the only candidate, got 100 percent of the vote, as a serious election. Reuters reported that "defiant Iraqis lined up to show their support for Saddam Hussein." That was yesterday. Today, Reuters said the Iraqi government was "basking in a 100 percent domestic approval rating for President Saddam Hussein."

Election Fraud Escalating
That election fraud investigation in South Dakota seems to be growing by the day, with federal officials telling FOX News that it is focused on and around Indian reservations in six counties. Sources say the FBI has uncovered the registration of minors, dead people and people who simply do not exist. Officials have also said, so far, the Democratic party has fired one independent contractor it hired to sign up voters, who is alleged to have falsified voter forms.

Taking Back Her Words?
Finally, Missouri Democratic Sen. Jean Carnahan's campaign is saying she didn't exactly mean it when she said on Tuesday that she is "The No. 1 target of the White House. Since they can't get Usama bin Laden, they're going to get me." Republicans immediately denounced the remark, and a Carnahan spokesman said it was "not a literal comment." He said the Senator, who trails challenger Jim Talent in recent polling, meant that "this is a white House consumed with politics."