British 'Bob the Builder' Fan Banned From Carrying Hammers, Screwdrivers

An 8-year-old fan of TV's "Bob the Builder" can't carry hammers, screwdrivers or scissors after becoming one of the youngest people in Britain controlled by an anti-social behavior order, the Daily Mail reports.

Michael Bratcher is required to stay inside after dark and can't leave the house with tools after neighbors complained that he terrorized their children.

Bratcher's mother, Lisa, is required to control him as part of an ASBO. She can't play loud music or have more than three visitors a day in her home. She claims she is the victim of a hate campaign by neighbors.

Michael Bratcher denies threatening others, saying he was using the tools to play Bob the Builder games and make dens and tree houses.

"I want to be a builder when I grow up and I built a tree house in my back garden with the tool set," Bratcher told the Daily Mail.

The Housing Trust got involved after months of anti-social behavior from the family and complaints from neighbors.

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