'Britain's Fattest Teen' Loses 210 Pounds at North Carolina Fat Camp

Once known as Britain’s “fattest teenager,” Georgia Davis has lost 210 pounds and weighs in at 252 pounds, London’s Daily Mail reported.

That’s quite a feat for Georgia, of Aberdare, South Wales, considering she once weighed 462 pounds.

Georgia, 16, attended Wellspring Academy, a weight-loss camp in North Carolina. When she returned to England, her mother did not recognize her at the airport, she told The Sun.

“I had to run up and show her it was me,” she told the newspaper. “She just cried and cried.”

Georgia no longer has Type 2 diabetes, and she will return to North Carolina this summer in an attempt to get her weight down to 168 pounds.

Doctors once told Georgia she would only live to the age of 20 because of her weight. Now, doctors say she can live to the age of 80.

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