Bring On the Magic of Christmas

So I'm hearing this woman on the radio complaining about all the Christmas commercialization: the lights, the stores, the sale signs, the ads, the commercials. She's had it.

Not me.

I love the lights ... love the decorated stores ... love the ads ... the jingles ... and the commercials — the terrific "and" the tacky.

I say, bring it on.

Look, I know the real meaning of Christmas. And just because I get a kick out of seeing a store's decorated windows doesn't mean I'm at all tempted to shop behind those windows.

Here's what I do get: kids wowed by the lights, parents wowed by their kids wowed and all of us wowed by the sudden burst of civility in the air, people smiling more and maybe, just maybe, honking less — not all of us, but a lot of us.

Jingles don't make that happen. We make that happen.

But this time of year, we get a little help — sometimes I think from a slightly higher source than the people who make those jingles to maybe the guy who made the people.

So be garish and take it from a guy who wears loud ties: This season, I urge you, go louder.

The worst that can happen is people will laugh. And I don't know about you, but I can deal with laughter ... This time of year especially.

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