Bridget Marquardt Spills Raunchy Sex Game Details From Kendra’s Bachelorette Party, Feels 'Free' Away From the Mansion | WWE Raw to Trump: You're Fired | Exclusive: Queen Latifah Shows Off Her Sexy Side | Quote of the Day: Larry David

Bridget Marquardt Spills Raunchy Sex Game Details From Kendra’s Bachelorette Party, Feels "free" Away From The Mansion

It sounds as though Bridget Marquardt hasn’t shed too many tears since leaving the iconic stomping grounds of the Playboy Mansion last year. The TV host is looking thinner than ever and is grateful that she actually gets to enjoy a little nightlife.

"The best bit about being away is just the freedom to do whatever I want now," she told Tarts at the recent grand opening of Beach Bunny Swimwear’s flagship store in Newport Beach on Thursday evening. "There’s no curfew, I can date now. My curfew was at 9 so I wouldn’t have even been able to be here tonight …"

But despite baring all for the pages of Playboy multiple times, Marquardt only recently experienced her first visit to a semi-nude beach.

"I’ve only been topless on one beach in Ibiza. I knew there was one more thing I had to do," she added. "I took my top off and just walked up and down the beach and drew a heart in the sand for this one (points to producer boyfriend Nick Carpenter)."

Speaking of revealing all, we caught up with Marquardt again last week at the JetBlue Airways launch for the twice daily service from L.A. to Boston and NY with a benefit bash for VH1 Save the Music Foundation at Hollywood hotspot MyHouse - and she had a lot to say about the good times going on at bride-to-be Kendra Wilkinson’s Bachelorette party which was held on Thursday evening in Hollywood.

"There are two games that are kind of raunchy," she said, explaining that a certain sex toy will be passed between the legs and if you are caught when the music stops you’re out.

"The other one is just a story-telling game! When you give Kendra her present you have to tell about how old you were when it was your first time, who it was with and where you were …" Marquardt added.

WWE Raw to Trump: You're Fired

Donald Trump is pretty used to uttering those infamous words "you're fired" to contestants on "The Apprentice," but the millionaire mogul got a taste of his own medicine on Monday night.

Trump held a press conference on Monday in Green Bay at Austin Straubel Airport and as the new "owner" of WWE's Monday Night RAW®, announcing that all ticketholders to the RAW event at the Resch Center will receive a ticket refund. However that didn't go down too well with RAW chairman Vince McMahon seeing as though the total value of all ticket refunds is approximately $235,000 coupled with the fact that RAW was presented commercial freefor the first time ever on USA.

"Trump ran RAW his way," said our source who also confirmed that McMahon promptly "fired" Trump later that evening and bought back Monday Night RAW (for double the amount he paid for it).

Exclusive: Queen Latifah Shows Off Her Sexy Side

She’s royalty in the stage and screen world and now Queen Latifah has moved on to smells. FOXNews.com got an exclusive peak of the Queen’s first fragrance line simply titled "Queen."

"Beauty really does start on the inside. It’s like a state of mind, a state of love if you will," Queen Latifah said in an exclusive statement. "So I see fragrance as just a natural expression of this state of love: scent expresses a woman’s confidence and sensuality, it’s how she embraces her body, her mind and her strength."

Queen Latifah shot the aristocratic-themed campaign in a private Mansion in Miami, but it turns out that it did take the 39-year-old quite some time to really accept her fuller figure and individuality.

"Especially as teenager, I felt like an outcast and misfit," Latifah recently told Tarts. "I have felt that a lot in my life. But now I embrace it, I'd really rather be an outcast and see things from an outsider point of view. Then be welcomed into the club. I don't want to be part of any club that wants me as a member …"

Quote Of The Day: Larry David

Larry David is the star of Woody Allen’s new dark comedy "Whatever Works", but as we discovered that really doesn’t work for him …

"’Whatever Works’ doesn't work for me at all, no. I think it means do what makes you happy as long as you don't hurt anybody but I don't do that. I never do what makes me happy, I do what makes me unhappy," he told Tarts. "I don't hate people, but I hate individuals I suppose."