Bride May Have to Delay Wedding After Swallowing Nail in Macaroni

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A British bride-to-be was in the hospital Wednesday night after swallowing a one-inch nail in a Tesco-brand macaroni.

Rebecca Shorten, 21, said she is in so much pain the wedding next week may be postponed.

She ate the nail thinking it was a crunchy bit of pasta — then spotted two more in the dish.

Her fiancé Craig Stevens, 26, rushed her to hospital, where X-rays showed it was pointing down into her stomach.

But medics told Shorten to avoid surgery and let nature take its course.

The personal assistant went home — but returned the next day after collapsing in agony.

The couple said Tesco had only offered a refund when they revealed the problem.

Shorten, of Lincoln, said: “Tesco said someone would phone, but no one has yet. My stomach’s all swollen and I can’t hold anything down.”

The couple said they were consulting lawyers. Tesco said it would investigate and had taken the Value Meal off shelves.

Meanwhile, a timber merchant said he found a live insect larva in a pack of Tesco nuts.

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