BP Oil Mess Is Best Thing That Ever Happened to Congress

What I'm about to say will strike some of you as crass, so ahead of time, I apologize. Not for what I'm going to say, but that some of you might be offended for me saying it.

I think this BP oil mess is the best thing that ever happened to Congress.

I think they love it. No, scratch that. I think they count their business-big-stepping little stars because of it.

I'm convinced of it. They do a jig every time they see that leaking rig; every time, all the time.

They can't get enough of that spill cam because the more it spews, the more they spew.

The more it leaks, the more liberties they take.

The more Nancy Pelosi today feels justified in demanding — damn near ordering — BP to stop paying dividends.

And Ed Markey feels morally bound to haul all the big oil CEOs — not just BP's — to Congress next week for a grilling on drilling.

And Congress itself feels obligated to quadruple — quadruple — all these guys' taxes on every barrel of oil they get from wherever they get it.

Don't you get it? They're on a witch hunt. And nothing like that evil leaking monster beneath the sea to justify their gathering weapons for that hunt.

A time when they can carp about the carp harmed in this spill to justify killing the Constitution over this spill.

When they can use as props those whose livelihoods have been wiped out because of a White House-forced moratorium on drilling, then have the tenacity to charge BP for any and all losses related to that moratorium on drilling.

When they can push a company to the brink and never even think of the possibility taxpayers will get stuck with the bill if they force that company beyond the brink.

Then it hits you: These guys don't care about those trawling the seas. They're only using them to trawl for more power; another excuse to control another industry.

Why stop at health care or autos, when you can move to oil and shipping?

The ship truly has hit the fan and I don't know about you, but I'm scared. Actually, I'm scared… shipless.

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