Bounty Hunter, Bondsman to Spring Missing Florida Toddler's Mom

A uncle-and-nephew bondsman and bounty hunter team plan to bail Casey Anthony out of jail because, they say, the Florida mother could be more help in finding her missing toddler if she is free.

The bounty hunter, Leonard Padilla, told FOX News’ Greta Van Susteren that Anthony, who has been the Orange County jail since last month, might supply more information on the outside – and he thinks Anthony's 3-yaer-old daughter, Caylee, is still alive.

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"I somewhat believe that, in her own mind, the mother has given up some truths in the statements she has made," Padilla told FOX News on Friday, and keeping her in jail hasn’t helped. "It hasn’t worked for 30 days so let’s try something different."

Anthony, 22, is charged with child neglect and lying to authorities about her daughter's disappearance on or around June 16.

Her bond is set at $500,000, which bondsman Tony Padilla, Leonard’s nephew, is arranging to pay. The Padillas are flying in from California and said they aren’t asking Anthony’s family to put up any money.

Tony Padilla said he was drawn to the case as a father and thinks he and his uncle can help.

"The most important thing is getting Caylee home or finding what’s going on in the case," he told FOX News.

If Anthony is released, it could happen as soon as Monday, and she likely would be fitted with an electronic monitoring device.

Leonard Padilla said he isn’t afraid of her fleeing.

“We’re not letting her out of our eyesight,” he said.

Leonard Padilla told earlier that he was contacted by Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez, along with an undisclosed third party a week ago.

The Anthony family has also retained a spokesman named Larry Garrison, known for his work on other high-profile cases.

Garrison has interacted with the media about the disappearance in Aruba of Alabama teenager Natalee Holloway and about the arrest of John Mark Karr after he falsely confessed to the murder of Colorado beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey.

He is the president of a production company known as SilverCreek Entertainment and co-authored a book on Holloway.

Also Friday, police discounted local media reports that they had traced cell phone calls made by a missing toddler's mother to a remote area of Florida.

Orange County detectives said there was no merit to reports that mobile phone calls were made by Casey Marie Anthony from a remote region around the time the child was last seen.

The news stories say investigators tracked Anthony briefly going into a wooded area on June 17. Her daughter, 3-year-old Caylee Marie Anthony, was last seen on or around June 16.

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Caylee's grandparents Cindy and George Anthony visited their daughter in jail on Thursday, but an Orange County detective said Friday that details of that and other meetings would be withheld, reported.

The public and media will not have access to tapes or transcripts of the meeting between Casey Anthony and her parents on Thursday, when they met at the Orlando jail. An Orange County Sheriff's Office detective said all video of the visits between Anthony and her parents, George and Cindy Anthony, are being withheld "due to a criminal investigative exemption," according to

That exemption includes past video conferences and any future taped meetings.

A number of visits between Anthony and her family were canceled in recent weeks because several tapes of previous meetings had been released to the public and the media.

Police are investigating numerous theories about what happened to the child, including the possibility that she died accidentally, was killed or was kidnapped by a baby sitter, as Anthony has claimed.

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